Welcome to Serenity HospiceCare

People facing the end of life often have a common desire: To be at peace with their decisions.

Concerns for the comfort of a loved one with a life-limiting illness, worries about the impact on family members, and anxiety about the grieving process all weigh on your soul.

This is precisely why Serenity HospiceCare is here: To provide excellent end-of-life care and grief support services to all in our community who need them.

And remember, you can contact us any time, day or night. We’re here to provide peace of mind when it matters most.

Shelley Tracy - Executive Director

What is Hospice?

I think there are misconceptions about hospice in general. That its’ the end-over-done. But it’s not! Even with terminal illness and accepting the end may be near there can be so much beauty in life. Hospice is simply a point where you realize focusing on the disease itself is exhausting and limiting your quality of real life. So instead you accept to focus on what’s important-like family or fishing, but not the disease! And you choose to live your life with peace and without negativity. That doesn’t necessarily mean you will die sooner, but you will definitely live better!

Hospice, regardless of which one you choose is a blessing and a beginning to living fully again and embracing what’s really important.

The Serenity Difference

Here are Serenity HospiceCare we believe that we stand apart from the rest because of our devotion to meeting our patients where they are, providing care how they want it, where they want it. With true compassion and love for that person. It’s about digging in deep into a relationship between our caregivers and our patients and finding out what makes them tick. How to provide a beautiful life for them. We believe hospice care goes beyond medicine. It’s about the core of the person. Whether that’s a spiritual connection or lifelong wish or even something as simple as laughing again or tracking down an old friend. Those are things of true peace and healing when curative measures aren’t feasible anymore.

Out team works together to provide all aspects of hospice care- from nursing to social work to spiritual care to socialization/volunteerism. We strive to make each experience an individual one and to make each family our family.

What’s in a name?

I think a name can say a lot about a company. We hope that our name Serenity can tell people what we’re all about-providing peace and comfort when it matters most. No one wakes up one day and wants hospice. Usually it’s a decision made carefully and over time not always in the best situation.

We want to be that peace and comfort when life is spinning out of control. We want to be the first hospice you think of when that hard decision faces you because you know you’ll get compassionate individualized care that goes beyond what modern medicine is able to do right now. It’s a name I stand behind and believe in. Here at Serenity we all wear our logos with pride. We believe we can make a difference in end of life care by actually living it.

Healthcare Choice

When you make a healthcare choice we want you to do your homework and take your time! We want you to make the best decision possible. After all this is your loved one. This person matters more to you than anyone else in the world. We want you to know we see that and we want to love on your family member too. We want to make them our own friend, our own family and treat them like our own. To go above and beyond for them to provide that extra something special that gets a smile or that brings up a good memory to share.

Now… we have the chops in providing medical care too! Did you know we are ranked in the 97th percentile in the nation for giving timely care? And we have a 98% satisfaction rate with our admission process?

When a family member is asked if they would recommend us to someone else, they say yes 99% of the time. We believe in what we do! It matters to us! It matters to me!

We want you to choose Serenity’s kind of peace when it matters most to you!


I believe we have a very important responsibility to get it right the first time-every time. There are no second chances in hospice to make a difference. Every patient, every call, every need, every day matters.

Your loved one matters. And isn’t that what we all want in the end? To know that WE mattered? At Serenity HospiceCare we don’t’ accept less that giving it our all. Let us show you that it’s not the end. This life is beautiful in all stages!

Established in 1989,
The First in the Area

Free Standing, Non-Profit

Consistent Care from
Registered Nurses & Licensed
Practical Nurses

24-Hour Crisis Response

Serving All, Regardless of
Ability to Pay

Carter's Clubhouse Child
Grief Support

Veteran Services

Free Palliative Services for Chronic Illness

We’re different for a lot of reasons.

At Serenity HospiceCare, we have been caring for people since 1989, making us the most experienced hospice care provider in the area. But, that’s not the only reason we’re different. We pride ourselves on the things that make us different and we want to share them with you.

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We have a team of caring professionals that are dedicated to
taking care of your loved one as if they are our very own.

Experienced Nurses & CNA's

Our patients are cared for by a team of RN’s and CNA's. We believe it is vital for patients and family members to feel a bond with their care team and this happens when there is trust in their experience and the consistency of one team providing their care.

Social Workers

Our social workers are concerned with enhancing quality of life and promoting wellbeing for patients, families and caregivers.

Dedicated Spiritual Care Providers

However it may be that a patient chooses to define their spirituality, a spiritual care provider strives to connect relationally with the patient.

Caring Volunteers

Serenity HospiceCare Volunteers are committed to providing patients and families with support and companionship. All share the common desire to do what they can to help lessen the burden of families touched by terminal illness.